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First of all I work on on my own. I am not trying to build a company. I build this website so it is easier to show my prospect customer(s) about what I do and also show them the references I have without bothering my present customers.

I like doing housekeeping and making sure everything is clean and neat. I have been doing it for 4 years. It is actually interesting to work in different houses and meet different people. it's like finding out different cultures and characters. As I love traveling and seeing new places and cultures, that is probably why I prefer doing housekeeping rather than working in an office or other corporate places.

Gardening is also one activities that gives me great joy. I have been gardening at Eagle Height Community Garden for 5 years. I planted vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers.

Recently I also do organizing. Again I like making stuff organized and neat, put them in places for easy access, and most of all make your home more spacious and less clutter. It is a challenge, but it is fun. At the end, it is worth doing it.

Independence is important for me. Working efficient and setting up my own schedule is also important for me. I usually works on my own, but I also do work together with my client.






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