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Don't feel like doing the cleaning around home?
Don't have the time for it?
Do you have more important things to do than cleaning?
I am here to help you!

I have been providing personal, individualised housekeeping and home organizing services in Madison since 2004 and I have many good references - most of them going back to my beginning.

I work by myself and I currently can accept 2 new clients on a weekly basis, 4 on a bi-weekly basis or 6 on once-a-month basis.

I will be happy to quote the cost of regular or periodic cleaning of your home. There are many factors that contribute to differences in the time required to clean each home such as whether or not you have children or pets, the amount of clutter or small items kept in the area to be cleaned, lifestyle and habits, frequency of cleaning, types of flooring and fabrics, the size of rooms and sometimes even architectural details. We can set up a one-time cleaning appointment that will help us both understand what frequency and degree of cleaning is required and to make sure we are happy with each other. At that time I will be able to quote your cost per cleaning

I work from my bicycle to help keep the environment clean and quiet and for this reason I specialize mostly in the Central, Near West and Near East neighborhoods.

My services include:





We will clean, dust, vacuum and mop all rooms in your house/condo/apartment. That includes living room, bedroom(s) and bathroom(s), dining room, kitchen. Basically all rooms that need regular cleaning.

The cleaning would involve wiping the dust of your furniture, picture frames, baseboard, door frames (including the tops or doors), blinds, washing bathroom and bedroom mirrors, window sill and ledges, wiping cobwebs and obvious dust/dirt/spots from the wall and ceiling, and vacuuming the rugs, sweeping or vacuuming and mopping wooden or tile floors, vacuuming the dust from under the raised cupboard and under bed. Dusting lamps and vacuuming couch/sofa, emptying wastebaskets. Cleaning and scrubbing sink.

Aside from regular cleaning, if you'd like, we can incorporate these irregular cleaning into the regular cleaning, as necessary:
- Removing, cleaning, and putting back window screens
- Washing/wiping windows
- Dusting and vacuuming your porch, attic or garage
- Cleaning the inside of microwave, range, inside of cupboards and cabinets, under and behind the fridge and any other areas that don't need any regular cleaning.
- Removing and neutralizing mildews or molds from wall, floors, and tile grouts.
- Disinfecting shower stalls.

I can customize the cleaning according to your requests or needs.
The lists above are examples only. Let's discuss your requirements and do the cleaning according to your needs as we are aware that every home has different need.

I will use whatever cleaning supplies and tools you have or prefer. However, if you'd prefer me to bring my own supplies (except for vacuum cleaner), I can do so.
I encourage you to use more natural or environment-friendly cleaning solutions, such as vinegar and soap, in combination with occasional bleach (for mildew) and some furniture oil for wood furniture.

HOUSECHECKING - HOUSESITTING housechecking, housesitting, house checking, house sitting

If you are on vacation and would like someone to check your house once in a while (every week, every three days for examples), I can also help you.

I can come and check:

- There is no (water) leaks in your house either from plumbing, sink, or roof.
- All the windows are shut (or half shut)
- Your humidifier is on and working well (in Summer)
- All doors are shut and locked
- Your plants get watered
- Your pets get fed

If you have any question, feel free to contact me through or call (608) 335-3736.



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